The Poria House

I recently did a 3 week repair on a home infected with a house-eating fungus called Poria.  I'd never seen anything like—the damage was nearly catastrophic.

Repairs included: 

  • Removing all infected area—interior and exterior walls, subfloor, plumbing, windows, front entry, fixtures, trim and tile —at least 8 truck loads
  • Building a temporary enclosure to protect the job site for the 3+ week rebuild.
  • Temporary walls in the basement and main floor to support the house.
  • Rerouting plumbing and electrical.
  • Treating exposed portion of house and exterior with high-grade fungicide. 
  • New floor joists, subfloor, plumbing, walls, siding and drywall.
  • All interior and exterior painting, tile and trim work.